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Spread Talents

2018-09-01 to 2021-09-30

Project: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-037634
Support within the scope of the Incentive System: 04/SIAC/2017 - SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR COLLECTIVE ACTION - Internationalization
Intervention Region: North and Center
Beneficiary Entity: Youth Foundation
Approval date: 07-17-2018
Start date: 10-01-2018
Completion date: 30-09-2022
Total eligible cost: €373,724.47
Financial support from the European Union: €317,665.80
National financial support: €56,058.67

The Spread Talents project, promoted by the Fundação da Juventude, is a collective action for the implementation of a collaborative process for the internationalization of Young National Talents in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

The Fundação da Juventude highlights as a strategic objective of this project the promotion of internationalization of creative industries through their talents, strengthening the positioning, orientation and insertion in foreign markets of national economic agents, by carrying out integrated and joint actions to promote talent, creators and national creative agents, to obtain quotas and increase sales in foreign markets for products, services and national cultural and creative content, increasing the recognition of the Portugal brand and the reference positioning of Portuguese cultural and creative industries.


The economic areas concern creative and digital sector convergence. Increasing the value chain and aggregation of cultural and creative sectors, in convergence with relevant sectors for the economic aggregate and enhancing the contribution of cultural and creative industries in strengthening the competitiveness of areas of economic activity, in four key topics:

(a) New media and digital content

Digital content and media, software, games, new technologies for arts and languages, educational software, heritage and heritage enhancement applications, e-technology;

b) Industry, services, products and consumer goods

Enhancement of products, spaces and national consumer goods industries and strong incorporation of immaterial competitiveness factors such as design, advertising, brands (fashion, footwear, clothing, textiles, jewellery, cork, product customisation);

c) Culture, heritage and tourism

Economic valorisation of material and immaterial heritage resources and assets, heritage preservation, events and tourism, technologies for tourism, content applied to cities and territory;

d) Cultural and creative production and promotion

Production, distribution and promotion of cultural and creative content (music, film and video, radio and tv, publishing and literary creation, performing arts and visual arts, events and shows).


Three axes of the project

Axis A. EXPLORE (Prosecution)

Action directed towards the prospection and knowledge of markets, as well as the characterization of the national offer of goods and services in the cultural and creative industries, including the identification and validation of Talents. This action includes two activities:

1 Talent Radar - Talent Sonar

2 Market Trends - Creative Biztrends

Axis B. GET READY (Capacity Building)

Action that aims at sharing knowledge and implementing the action plan for capacity building for the promotion of Young Talents, sharing experiences and knowledge, dissemination and capacity building for the internationalisation of talents and economic agents, integrating the activity

3 Emancipator of Talent - Talent Booster

Axis C. SPREAD OUT (Promotion)

Action aimed at concrete promotion activities that include the collaborative internationalisation platform and international marketplace and the carrying out of promotional actions in the target markets that are deemed to be a priority according to the market studies, the action plan and the results of the capacity building sessions, thus being defined jointly and in proximity to the economic agents, addressing markets for specific segments through participation in dedicated international events or carrying out aggregate promotion initiatives, highlighting the diversity and sophistication of the offer of national cultural and creative goods and services.

4 Talents Showcase @int.biz.shows (Talents Showcase at international events)

5 Talents Showcase @int.biz.2.biz (Talent Showcase in international missions)

6 Talents Marketplace - Talent Marketplace

Spread Talents