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PEJENE is an internship program, promoted by Fundação da Juventude, for young people attending Higher Education in all academic areas.


Nationwide, and since 1993, this program meets the learning needs of young people attending Higher Education that contributes to the improvement of the performance of tasks of a professional nature and to the increase of knowledge in a real work context.


Thus, improving the skills of young students and empowering them for the world of work are the main objectives of this internship program that Fundação da Juventude is launching with the support of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML), a program that is in its 29th edition and this year covers all students in higher education regardless of the year they are attending.


In 2021, Fundação da Juventude will also hold workshops and lectures on topics related to employability: tips for building a CV, preparing for an interview, explaining the different features of LinkedIN, etc.


   Applications for companies (open until May 21st)

   Applications for students (May 25th)



Each student can apply for up to 2 internship places. The pre-selection is subject to the candidates fulfilling the requirements demanded by the Company.

On the Fundação da Juventude website there will be available the internship vacancies and the Students can apply directly to the vacancies according to their area of study. Afterwards, the Students will be directly contacted by the Companies, in case they are interested in your Curriculum. The final selection is the responsibility of the Companies, and communicated by them to the Students and Fundação da Juventude.

Placements are no longer available online as they are filled.

When applying online, Students must submit proof that they are attending Higher Education. The application is only valid with the delivery of this proof.


Young students attending any year of Public, Private and Cooperative Higher Education


The internships have the following characteristics:

  • Minimum duration of 2 to maximum of 3 months, according to the requests of the companies;
  • Integrating the trainee in a Company, developing specific tasks in accordance with a previously prepared Traineeship Plan and according to the Trainee's training area;
  • Supervision of the internships by a technical tutor/orientator (experienced professional from the company) who, at the end, will prepare the final evaluation report;
  • Payment of food and transport allowances by the Companies. In addition, they must take out Personal Accident Insurance for the duration of the internship period.



Susana Chaves

Tel. + 351 223 393 530

e-mail: schaves@fjuventude.pt




Who promotes PEJENE?

PEJENE is promoted by Fundação da Juventude, with SCML as a co-promoter.

Who can apply?

Students in higher education (CTeSP, Degree, Master's, Integrated Master's or Post-graduate) and companies interested in receiving trainees can apply to PEJENE.

When do I know what vacancies are available?

The vacancies will be available on the website as of May 25th 2021, and each student may apply for up to a maximum of 2. The vacancies will no longer be available online when they have been filled.

What documents do students need to apply?

They need to attach proof that they are attending higher education. If they do not submit this proof, their application will not be validated.

Are the internships remunerated?

They are not remunerated. Even so, interns receive, as a minimum, a food and a transportation allowance, both of which are paid by the company. However, some companies award trainees a traineeship grant, although they are not obliged to do so.

When do I know the result?

Students will be contacted directly by the companies, if they are interested in their profile. The final selection is the responsibility of the companies, and communicated by them to the students and to Fundação da Juventude.