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PRESS News Fundação da Juventude promotes a free online course in IT

Fundação da Juventude promotes a free online course in IT


It is an honor for Fundação da Juventude to be part of this project and have the opportunity to contribute through IT training and promote employability to people in situations of exclusion and vulnerability.


The INCO course, promoted by Fundação da Juventude, was yesterday news in Público:

"Fundação da Juventude has opened the INCO Academy - Certification in Information Technology, with the support of Google and INCO, aiming to strengthen and improve the employability and develop digital skills of young Portuguese.

The project provides free access to online training, lasting about 120 hours, in the area of information technology (IT). Registration ends on May 7 and must be done on the Fundação da Juventude website. There are 200 places available. Anyone can apply, however priority is given to unemployed young people, those in vulnerable situations and/or at risk of social exclusion, 50% of whom must be female.

The INCO Academy consists of an online course in information technology, running on the Coursera portal, which covers the following five areas: Computer Technical Support, Networks, Operating Systems, Systems Administration and Computer Security.

Aiming to improve the employability of participants, since, according to the promoters, there is a high demand from companies for the skills that will be acquired, this course will be taught in Portuguese and does not require a higher education diploma.

With this course, Fundação da Juventude wants to contribute to fill the shortage of workers in Information Technology. In a statement, the executive president of the institution, Carla Mouro, says they hope to "impact and change the lives of more than 200 young Portuguese."


You can acess the article here.

Fundação da Juventude promotes a free online course in IT