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PRESS News Ai Weiwei Philippe Vergne and Tim Marlow visit Palácio das Artes

Ai Weiwei Philippe Vergne and Tim Marlow visit Palácio das Artes


Ai Weiwei, Philippe Vergne and Tim Marlow visited the Palácio das Artes and spread a contagious good mood. These three personalities gathered in Porto and took the opportunity to get to know our palace, once again host to great names in the world of Art. 


The first, Ai Weiwei, is a unique figure in contemporary art. Resident in Portugal since 2019, in recent months he has inaugurated exhibitions of his work in our country. First, at Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon, with the exhibition called Rapture, and more recently, at Serralves with the exhibition Entrelaçar. The theme of his works? Inspired by his father, Weiwei seeks in art a way to achieve Environmental Justice, having several times publicly intervened in defence of the Brazilian forests, namely the Amazonian forest. 


Philippe Vergne also nurtures a special relationship with our country, considering he has been living in Portugal since 2019, when he became director of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. His CV boasts an enviable career with stints at the Musée d''''''''Art Contemporain in Marseille, Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In addition to the above, Vergne has accumulated throughout his career a vast experience in the field of Art Curatorship. 

The third element and the one with fewer links to our country is Tim Marlow. The famous Briton is a specialist in Art History, having taught this subject in over 40 countries. In addition to his academic life, Marlow is CEO of the iconic London Design Museum. 


The Youth Foundation thanks the three for the time they have invested in getting to know our headquarters space and leaves the doors open for new visits in the future. To these and other artists because the Palace is a place that breathes Art and Culture!

Ai Weiwei Philippe Vergne and Tim Marlow visit Palácio das Artes