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INCO Academy

INCO Academy


The Information Technology (IT) Certification, developed by Google engineers, trains you to an entry-level level of computer support and prepares you to enter the IT job market as a technical support specialist. You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in various topics, such as hardware, software, operating systems, Internet networks and troubleshooting.




Software and Hardware

Understands the binary system and learns the steps for assembling a computer.


Operating Systems and Internet

Learn how to install an operating system on a computer and understand how the Internet works and its impact on the modern world.


Programs and Troubleshooting

Understand how a program is created and become an ace at troubleshooting. Come and join us!


Through Fundação da Juventude, you can access:

  • free specialisation, which would otherwise be paid for;
  • become an expert in the area of Information Technologies and have an important tool to enrich your CV in a world that is going through a period of significant digital revolution;
  • you will have the quality stamp of entities such as INCO Academy and Google.org that will serve as a guarantee for employers.


For that, investing a few hours a week you will be able to complete this certification in less than 3 months, always at your own pace and at the time that is most convenient for you.


Access to mentoring, which will support you  in all the modules of the certification and advice for the continuation of your academic and/or professional path.


Opportunity to attend workshops that will give you very useful tips on how to write your CV, how to behave in a job interview, among other important topics for your future.


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Tel.: 22 339 3530

Email: geral@fjuventude.pt